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Training For both Beginners and Advanced Traders

Currently we are working on our educational methods, programs and materials to teach you our strategy and the secrets with the best quality to be sure you can use it to become  Winborn Trader® as we don’t like to waste your money, your money and of course OUR OWN REPUTATION.
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It is a known fact that most traders lose money in financial markets. Where does this money go?! It goes to a small minority who has high accuracy  trading strategies to avoid loses and increase gains.
Whether you are already a trader or interested to start trading in financial markets such as
Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Currencies, Global Indices, Futures, CFDs, Options or ETFs, you owe to yourself to learn how to avoid losses.  Here at Winborn Traders® we will teach you a strategy that has high accuracy for trading all financial markets instruments.
·         We will introduce you to a major market that is the leader of all markets, This market is one of the most liquid instruments in financial markets and of interest to many large financial institutions including Barclays Capital, UBS, JPMorgan Chase,
Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, etc.
·         Whether your objective is to make $100 a day or your mind is set to make 100’s of thousands of dollars or even more, this market has the potential. It is all up to you and how hard you are willing to work and learn and how much capital you can invest.
·         We reveal secrets of a strategy that is in line with those used by financial giants such as above mentioned banks and institutions.  This is a result of many years of research and spending huge sum of capital.  Our strategies are designed for the current global economy and work in all markets with high accuracy.
·         We will show you how to use our strategy in any market for day trading, swing trading, or short/long term investment. 
If you search the internet, you will find millions of sources of info.  While much information on the web is useful, it is certain that no one will share a high accuracy system that is the result of substantial investment.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ES E-MINI S&P Real Time Trading Signal No.1

ES E-MINI S&P 500 REAL TIME Trading Signal#1
Short @ 1236.5
SL@ 1238.5
T@ 1234.5
MANAGE IT YOURSELF 2:36 AM ET Dec 14, 2010

Closed @ 1237.25

 MANAGE IT YOURSELF 3;29 AM ET Dec 14, 2010